Terms & conditions

Here are the terms and conditions (T&C) for Binary Clues Pvt. Ltd.'s home loan website. DECLARATION
I/We hereby confirm my/our interest in availing loan facility in the form of (i.e. Home Loan /Loan Against Property/Balance Transfer/Office Premises Loan/Top up) from Binary Clues Pvt. Ltd. (“Binary Clues”) and in relation thereto, I have applied for the loan facility by visiting the [website] (“Website”) by submitting my application electronically.

I/We hereby confirm that I/we have authorized the representative of Binary Clues to enter the application details in the electronic application form on my/our behalf in accordance with the instructions/information given by me/us in the electronic application form.

I/We have reviewed and verified the details entered by Binary Clues’ representative in the electronic application form and declare the same to be true, correct, and updated. I/We hereby confirm that the electronic application form has been submitted by Binary Clues’ representative post my/our review, verification, and confirmation of the application details.

I/We confirm that the information submitted by me/us electronically and the details already available with Binary Clues (if any) are true, correct, complete, and up to date in all respects, and that such information can be relied upon by Binary Clues for the purpose of the loan facility.

I/We understand that the processing fee is a one-time non-refundable fee and is collected by Binary Clues for the purpose of processing my/our loan facility request, and such processing fee once paid will not be refunded in any circumstances.

I/We understand that the loan facility, if sanctioned, shall be subject to the customary terms and conditions as applicable to the product.

I/We hereby authorize Binary Clues to collect information/personal data from me and other agencies including Unique Identification authority of India (UIDAI), Credit information companies (CICs), and conduct verification/due diligence, make references and enquiries with the group companies, that Binary Clues may deem fit, for the purpose of the loan facility.

I/We understand that sanction of loan is at the sole discretion of Binary Clues. Binary Clues reserves the right to reject the application without assigning any reason and shall not be held liable for such rejection. With respect to pre-approved loan, if any, Binary Clues reserves the right at any time to withdraw the loan offer and/ or modify, alter the pre-approved loan, terms and conditions and / or ask for any additional document /information from the customer. The loan facility will only be established/disbursed upon completion of definitive loan documents and other terms and conditions as Binary Clues may reasonably require.

I/We understand that the disbursement of funds under the sanction letter accepted by me/us is subject to completion of legal and technical analysis of the property to be mortgaged, to the satisfaction of Binary Clues, wherein the title to the property can be ascertained to be clear and marketable.

I/We hereby confirm that there are no insolvency proceedings initiated against me/us, nor I/we have ever been adjudicated insolvent/bankrupt.

I/We undertake to inform Binary Clues/its agents regarding the change in the residential addresses to provide any further information that Binary Clues may require.

I/We hereby authorize Binary Clues to exchange, share or part with all the information, data or document in relation to the loan application including